Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Giving

Giving Back - Insight #5

This holiday season, I decided to help out the Kaua'i Humane Society transport two dogs from the island to the Tri-Valley SPCA here in the East Bay of Northern California.

Insight #5 - Don't Overwhelm
Samson is a sweet soul.  It didn't take very long for him to want to nap, which was expected after a five-hour flight that was 30 minutes late in departing.   I took the first half-dozen shots without the softbox as I wanted him to stay calm.   I didn't position him at all during the mini-session, and I just wiggled my way down to his level.  I used the softbox at different shutter speeds to just get different effects.  I shot for about 5 minutes and called it a night.  At some point, I'll ask the shelter if they want to have a full session with Samson where we'll take different angles so people can really have the best visualization of Samson.

Samson settling in for the night after a flight from Lihu'e, Kaua'i to Oakland, California

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