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Giving Back - Kaua'i Humane Society
Documenting the Details

So, sometimes giving back takes on a different angle.  Over the Christmas holidays, I volunteered to help the Kaua'i Humane Society (KHS) transport some dogs to the mainland.  I decided to use this opportunity to help promote their Shelter Pet Transfer Program by taking pics of the adoptable dogs as they celebrated their first mainland Christmas.

I also took the opportunity to show how my rescue dog, Dexter, is always willing to help the cause, too.  Both dogs were adopted before New Year's Day!

Samson & Mulder

Giving Back and Paying Forward

As the former Director of Law & Advocacy, I know firsthand all the impediments to adopting dogs and cats.  In this digital age, low-quality images of an adoptable animal shouldn't be one of them!

It's my goal to use those experiences working on behalf of companion animals along with my technical ability as a photographer to show pets in their best light and environment so their true temperament can be illustrated in an image.  In this fast-paced digital age, the movement to adopt animals is making strides in using technology to increase adoptions.

If you are with a local 501(c)3 organization, a municipal shelter, or fostering an animal for a 501(c)3) organization, please contact me to schedule a pet portrait session of the adoptable animals in your care at no charge.


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