Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting the best photograph of your pet - Insight #4

Halloween is around the corner, and so begins the craziest time in a pet's life - getting dressed up.

Some people love to see pets in clothing, others seem put off by it....

This brings me to my next insight...

Insight #4 - Regardless of your stance on pets in clothes/costumes, make sure your pet is ok with it and it is safe for them to be wearing it!
Should you decide to put your dog or cat into a costume, I can't emphasize it enough:  your pet gets the final say on this.  The costume should be comfortable and not constrain your pets natural movement, breathing or eyesight.

Oh Magoo! You've done it again!

We went low tech for Dex' Mr. Magoo costume.  All the issues with your pet being comfortable will make for a considerably better picture. An uncomfortable pet will like show up on the final image.  A comfortable pet in costume can actually be posed (e.g., see my previous insights).

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