Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting the best photograph of your pet - Insight #1

For the past 4 years, I have been operating my own photography business.  It has been challenging, but rewarding.  In the last year, I have seen the pet photography segment of my business grow exponentially.  Why?  Well, I also happened to adopt a French bulldog named Dexter, and started documenting the highs and lows.

People saw the pictures of Dexter, and wanted me to capture the special character of their pet.  It is really not that simple, but I hope to pass along some of my insights to pet owners because it also does not always require a professional-grade DSLR and lighting kit.

Insight #1 - Be Patient
If your pet is that cute, don't worry when you think you missed that moment you think was "beyond cute."  There will be another, trust me.  If  you try to force that moment on your pet, with camera in hand, the camera becomes a stress signal for your pet.

The photo below is the first full day of Dexter living with me.  I had the camera on and by my side.  I would let Dex sniff it and I took about 10 "misses", before I got the best shot of the day.  By the 11th shutter release, Dex was calm and couldn't care less than I was hiding my face with this big camera that made loud clicking sounds.  When I was done, I put the camera down and gave Dex a treat..  For me, I thought this was a great way to reinforce the reward was for Dex staying still.

Is that for me?
Patience is a virtue, and the first step to getting great images of your pet

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